Stevies Fans in Costume

Stevie Nicks is known as much for her enchanted wardrobe as for her magical music, lyrics and voice so it's natural that her fans have been inspired by her costumes. This page is for those fans so if you're one of 'em, please send me a photo (jpg or gif) at and I'll put it on display here with a link to your website or email addy. If you can remember where you bought what you're wearing, please send that info too.

This is hubby John and me on our way to the 15th annual Night of a Thousand Stevies held at the Knitting Factory in New York City on May 6, 2005. I've had this dress and waist cincher a long time and have also worn it to a couple of Stevie Nicks concerts. The shoes are just strappy character pumps from Danksin Dancewear They're comfortable. I admire those who can walk (and dance!) around all night in platform boots. My wimpy feet have never been able to manage it. The wig is oddly enough called "Stevie" and available online at Best Wig Outlet

This one was taken at NOTS 14 (May 14, 2004), in the Knit's piano lounge. The dress is part Newport News crocheted sweater, part hanky hemmed dancer's dress from Danksin and part sheer lace underskirt by Florencia Fiume which I found on ebay. The wig is available at Best Wig Outlet. I made hairclip out of a chiffon rose from an old dress and a marcasite crescent moon pin. I also made a silver, amethyst and jet winged heart choker especially for the occasion; you can see it more clearly on my NOTS 2004 picture page along with some pix of Stevie-loving friends and performers.

Fairy Halloween Costume Here's another Stevie-inspired outfit assembled for a Halloween party a couple of years ago. The superlong gypsy wig called Angela is from WowWigs The crown is an old Ren Faire flower circlet with some glittery stuff added. The dress is made up of a leotard with attached handkerchief hem skirt from River's Edge Dancewear and the two other flowy watercolor chiffon pieces layered over it were bought on eBay. The cape was made by opening one seam on a skirt I'd bought on eBay and the necklace is also an online auction bargain; sorry it's too delicate to see in the photos but it's a Celtic design with moonstones.

Bear as Belladonna Stevie Nicks

Bear made this gorgeous Bella Donna outfit herself!

Thanks to Donna for sending in this photo of her Stevie-inspired Halloween costume! "Unfortunately, the wings turned so it looks like I only have one, I made them. The skirt came from my bridesmaid dress, I took the bodice off. The shirt was store bought."

Left to right, here's Heather, Carol & Autumn, inspired Stevie fans all! Carol made her white dress for the TISL tour and her daughter Autumn is wearing another of Carol's creations, made for The Dance tour in 1997. Autumn's friend Heather's dress was made by her Mom. Below, Carol in her latest creation:

This is one of my favorite fan pics... Carol twirling in the parking lot before the Fleetwood Mac show at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, June 12, 2003. I can imagine how fast she was twirling after the show with all that post-concert adrenaline.... probably just a blur on film :-)

Here's Dawn aka crystalmagic on Mick's Chat. The outfit she's wearing was bought and made in parts: the hat is from the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo NY , the dress is from Hot Topic, the under dress is from "I do not even remember" :-) and the beautiful shawl she's wearing is from Woodstock, NY . These pictures were taken at the Marriot during the 2003 Fleetwood Mac tour before the concert at Continental Airlines Arena in NJ.

Thanks to Barbara McLuin for sending this pretty picture. She had this outfit custom made for her show; she sings and does live Stevie tributes. She's also a cat purrson with three cute furbabies and you can meet them at her website too :-)

Brooke as Stevie Nicks NOTS performer 2005
Brooke performed "If Anyone Falls" at the Night of 1000 Stevies celebration in New York City on May 6, 2005 and she was fabulous!

Brooke with Stevie Nicks herself after the concert in Charlotte, NC!

Thanks to Gold Dust Gypsy for sending these photos. Right pic was taken last Hallowe'en & left pic was taken at Stevie's concert at The Woodlands in Houston TX. You can read about GDG's Stevie concert adventure on her website and also check out some pix from the actual concert!

Here's Dawn and her brand new husband at their Celtic-Stevie style wedding on Oct 30, 2004.
She designed this dress and had it made; the colours are black, pink and ivory, representing all the "eras" that she has loved Stevie in :-)

Crissie is going to her FIRST Stevie concert June 5 and She Can't Wait!!!!! I think we can all identify :-)
Here's Crissie getting into that Stevie mood...

Dustin is a 32-year-old male Stevie impersonator, as well as being a huge fan of Ms Nicks!
Along with these beautiful pictures, he was kind enough to give us some background on the costume: "The skirt was bought at a very inexpensive store called Tello's. The top is a simple v-neck black shirt that I cut the sleeves off at the elbow and sewed these wonderful chiffon/velvet handkerchiefs to. The legwarmers and boots are from online sites. The wig was bought at a store in Boston called Dorothy's Boutique." Dustin, I adore those sleeves!

Stevie Nicks fan twirling on our way to the Stevie Nicks concert at Jones Beach

Me again, with hubby John on our way to see Stevie at Jones Beach on August 20,2001. I guess I don't have to tell you she was awesome! And here I am twirling with joy afterwards. You'll just have to trust me about the ecstatic look on my face... this is the only picture that came out. BTW, the faerie-style overdress is the same as the top layer of the costume in the first picture. I'm sure Stevie would support recycling :-)

Stevie Nicks banner

Carrie (left), Michele (right) and me showing off our Stevie Nicks Chain T-shirts in the Jones Beach parking lot before a concert.