Society of Meditative Cats

The Society of Meditative Cats is a noble organization for cats and for very special humans and other feline-friendly critters. Joining is easy. Just save the animated membership card at the top of this page (right click your mouse button and press "save as"), upload it to your homepage's server and display it somewhere on your site with a link back to:

Once your membership card is up, let me know via e-mail at and I'll add your name to the list of members.

Cats, being natural meditators, are eligible for full membership and feline-friendly humans and other critters are eligible for honorary membership. And your name will be a link back to your homepages... unless you don't want the free publicity

As meditation is a solitary pursuit, the SMC will hold no meetings or other social functions though we encourage feline members to share their meditation techniques with creatures less talented than themselves.

In loving memory of those feline friends and family members who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge we now also are keeping a Society of Meditative Cats Memorial List

Society of
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1025 members and growing!
Harmony & Pouncival The Meditative Cats
Halley, Chloe & Charlotte Emily's Cat Page
Lucky, Baby & Susan* Lucky Black Cat's Home Turf
Guppy* Tigger* Teddy* Baby* Dolphi* Le cobaye's Homepage
Henry Von Tudor Henry's Place
Lyle, Laci & Ali* Alicatz
Guinness, Suzie & SaMmy Kira's Home
    Kira* & Tom*
Midnight Midnight's Home Page
Cardigan* Tristan & Bronwyn Cardigan's Corner of the Web
Murphy, Dickens, Oliver & Sandy Meet My Cats
Rum Tum Tugger Rum Tum's Litterbox
Willy Elmo The Litterbox
Maggie, Mickles, Marble, Hobbes, Grace The Cat Barn
    Mara, Ezra, Leia, Theo & Katie*
Zoester the Coaster, Mitzu & Rascal* Zoe's Home on the Web
Whiskers Whiskers' Homepage
Tigger Tigger's Lair
Samantha Samantha's Littermarks
Lisaviolet, Bobby, Rusty, Boney, Lisaviolet's Cathouse
    Pepper, Lola, Lucky, Annie, Bart, Deejay
    Mickey Squinkey, Maggie Xuxa, Lonee
    Benny, Kirby, Georgie, Gracie & Red
Peacock, Empress Hara & Leo Peacock's Friends
Keiki Kisan Cattery
Kitty The Magician's Cat
Jasper & Chester Jasper & Chester's World
Pyanfar Tromlin Py In Your Face
Luna & Sylvester Chamber of Spells
Kehylar, Selena, Nya Huma, Andre, Catalot
    Kimba and Geronimo
Nicholas Lesley's Home Page
Muffin Muffin's Home Page
Hershe & Bailey Malinda's Cat Page
Si Si's Page
Palido* Palido's Home Page
Grady, Gizmo, Casey, Dobie, Shabba Munch and Cam's Home Page
Gulle, Felix, Findus,Lill-Misse,Misse, Ann-Louise's Cats Page
    Tjockis, Clinton, Mirre & Ann-Louise*
Smokey, Tucker, Jason Andrea Smith
Lily Meet Lily
Cappy Cappy's Page
Sox Sox the Kat
Mogwhi Mogwhi the Kat
Sugar, Angel, Sabrina, Daisy & Rainbow Laura's Home Page
Timone Snowstar & Simba Nala Mufasa Timone & Simba's Homepage
Fred, Barney, Miss Baby, Symphony Joanne & Bill
    Mommy Sox, Poopy Girl,
    Joanne* & Bill*
Shel* & Paws More Than Words
Keri* Keri's Kitty Page
Berry, Maggie, Evie* & Daisy* Earth Mother's Home Page
Anthony aka KittenKat aka SomeoneHaPpY Anthony's Homepage
Busan, Cayenne and Rosita Busan's Home Page
Bailey, Smudge, Kat*, Skip*, Bailey's Page
    Harley* & Comic*
Kitten K Boodles The Lioness'Den
Echo & Mocha Bev's Puddy Page
Vector, Daja, Domino & Ike Laura's Cats Page
Semele, Antigone & Ismene Joni's Homepage
Shadow & Kellie* Shadow's Homepage
Cuddles, Dani, Spook, KC, Lucky Bachman Kiddens
    Susie* & Craig*
Max & Kat* Cats!
Electra & Orestes Paul & Ellen's Kitty Page
Skye & Genele Sunflower Skye
Smokey and Snowy The Ramsey's Online Home
Bonnie, Grace & Nala Tailwinds Cattery
Tygrrr, Jezebel, Garbo, Mr. Van Halen KatGyrl's Tygrrrheart Page
    Dickens, Tracy* & Zoran*
Daisy Madame Alto's Cat House
Andromeda & Theresa* Andromeda's Lair
Thomas, Echo*, Rikki* & Sundance* Mae's Precious Pets
Molly, Haley, Hannah, Marta & Alice Molly the Cat
Tanith Gummitch's Homepage
Liz,* Henry J. Moon, Monica, Purrin' Gems Cattery
    Clam, Shard, Neegie, Jeep,
    Clyde, Twix, Razzi
Tara Tara
Wendy Whiner & Sophie Every Day Should Be a Holiday...
Sten* The Cutiepage
Jamie* Jamie's Cat Page
Sierra Sierra the Fat Cat
Dicaboo Snodgrass Dicaboo Snodgrass Online
Barite, Pyrope, Tourmaline, Zoisite The Home For Wayward Cats
    Meiko* and Chris*
Jeanne* Purfurvid Persians
Pierre, Paddie, Smokie & Princess Lori's Homepage
Gambit A. Cat Nigel & Gambit's Pad
Dusty Rose Acinny's FurKids
Angelique Angelique's Homepage
Elsa Elsa's Homeside
Mr. Tux, Sir Sunshine the Wonderkat Jayess' Kopy Kat Korner
    Ms. Toodie Toodleline & Judy*
Fredon & Garguouille Les Chats
Molly & Lisa* The Cat Page
Camille & Kitty* Meow410's Cat Homepage!
Sadie, Shelby & Kristen* Wren's Birdhouse
Dizzy The Goddess Dizzy
Sammy Joe, Heidi Michelle Bits Nite Life
    Charley Ray & Linda*
Triffan Jesskats
Kat Kat's Homepage
Magali La Page De Magali
Annie Annie's Page
Spats,Sugar,and Snicker Anchavie Spats,Sugar,and Snicker
Sammy, Al, Ivan, Morgan, Wormie & Ginkgo* Ginkgo's Pile of Leaves
Willow, Chessie, Aurora, Willow's Place
    Peaches & Thomasina
Squeaker, Mudgie, and Baby The Ewald Kitty Page
Winona Maud & Tabitha Marie Meg's Cats
Tom Tom's CyberPad
Cecilia Lillemors Birmasida
Tess Purrfect Pussy's Page
Benny, Shadow, Daisy, Princess & Candy Punkin Net
Anger, Wink-N-Blink-N, Bobbit, Kissel, Blade, BUNKINSNAN (Val)
    Mattie Sue, BeBeKe, PD, Toots & Grace
Berlioz, Elektra & Thelma* Thelma Gatuzzo
Kinka Kinka's Homepage
Sparky Sparky's Home Page
Munchie Gypsy & Munchie
Kasi, Tabby, Kali, Katy, Sal & Michelle* Michelle's Cat Chat
Bert, Ernie, Twiggy, Marilyn, Seven, Isis Dane, Bert & Ernie
    Boo, Wilbur, Zimmy, Bodie, Solomon & Osiris
Angela Angela's Homepage
Miss Onyx Kittybug Miss Onyx Kittybug
Mågnøv Bjørgundursønn* Min Katt Teori
Saava Saava's Cat Central
Steve* Cat Whisker Digest
Murph Murph's Cozy Corner
Earthquake, Phantom, Leo & Sunny I Love My Cats
    Cyberearthquake & Cyberphantom
Samiam & The Vicious Muffin The Cryptic Cat
Judy Berman* Katsation Cattery
Panther Claw Panther Claw
Jelly & Jono Troublemakers!
Sam, Socrates, Persephone & Elektra The Cats' Meow
Mikey & Ruby Mikey's Place
Mow Mow, Furgie and Yum Yum Meet Maggie Herrick
Yazmeen*, Willow, Aurora, Peaches, Romeo YazMeow's Den
    Thomasina O'Malley, Chessie Marie
Frida & Birgit Two Cats in Sweden
Ollie, Doopey & Monica* Monica Liles
Valerie* Katascali Birmans
Boo, Violet, Emily, Loner & Mr.Tom Boocat's House
Maccabee and Levi Maccabee and Levi's Page
Minerva StarKitten* WestWick Hollow
Thomas, Porkles, Gus, Cleopatra & FuFu Chez Sessi
Monica* Monica Berri
Sass,Smokey,Ollie,Pye,Rags,Travie The Purr-fect Place
    Sunny,Emily,Happy,Mark* & Ellen*
Namir, Mason & Catlynn* The Cat's Angels
Monk ExtravaGanza!
Kali Kali
Skye Skye
Bluette, Gauguin & Lynx Bluette's Hideaway
Tea & Coffee Tea & Coffee House
Sid, Lady & Gulliver The Cabin
Zonk & Sheba Zonk and his Friends
Katie Marie, Mia Marie, Jessica, Kimberly's Page
    Rachel, Jr., & Maverick & Kimberly*
Tabatha TheLitterBox(r) BBS
Yafity, Katy & Bubon Cats and other Animals
Murphy, Mutsko, Oliver & Bunny The House of REHCATS
Bloomer, Twinkle & Lucky Catnip Calico
Lisa, Carlos, Bella, Leo & Stinker Angela's Homepage
Lil Tom, Sissy & Sheena Phillip's Cats Page
Charlie Charlie's Home Page
Razz & Jenny* Jenny's Web Page
Lucille Lucille's Place
Buddy Buddy's World
Charisse Charisse
Babycat & Ripley Mikey's Place
Mysty Storme Central II
Dusty & Abby Dusty's Home Page
Max & Huggy Max & Huggy's Home Page
Laura Strays In Need
Spirit Devlin Spirit Devlin's Home Page
Gypsy, Ziggy, Ezra & Anthony Gypsy & Ziggy's Homepage
Nico, Lecter, Wolf, Bast, Tango, Grimalkin's Cat Pages
    Raven, Sinjin, Mirage, & Pyewacket
Kassy Nikki's Nursery
Sugar, Jake & Wendy* Adria's Page
Hannah* Hannah Waits
Ned & Alex The Catnippers Page
Tigger, Amadeus* & Brenda* Mystic's Cyberpage
CeeCee Welcome to Cookie's House
Lude Lude's Homepage
Tab Tabakitty Homepage
Naja, Cleopatra, Dae, Nyte For Love of Cats
    Duskk, Dawnn & Shanna*
Sammy, Pooh, Molly, Zoe & Abby Texas Pepper's Home Page
Boo & GirlyGirl & IKittyCat* Boo & GirlyGirl's Page
Genghis Black Rock Ranch
Lancie & Teazer A Celebration of Sebastian
Boomer Boomer the Crazy Cat
Randolph Randolph
Baby,Tasha,Fred,Mira,Vir & Lisa* Lisa
Sharon* Ginger & the Bully of Lowergate Court
Sassy, Stinky, Boxer, CoCo, Lucky Bat Delillas Home
    Shadow, Sylvia, Donaven, Scooter
Maria Laura Berríos Torres* Maria Laura Berríos Torres
Tigger & Dusty Tigger & Dusty's Place
Christofur & Samantha* Samantha's World
Amanda & Sara* Only For Cat Lovers
The Baker Street Cats Baker Street
Grizabella & Tina* imagi-Tina-tions Cats
D.C., Rabbit, Tiger, Tigger & Pooh Bear Missy
Patches, Frankie, Ivy, Sensi, The Kitty Tribe
    Cosmo & Squeaky
Azreal Ecce Felis!
Snoopy, Friend, Little Kitty & Natalie* Luvv Cats! Kozy Kitty Korner
Meowy Fearrington Sue's Cat Info
Xerxes, Alex, Chacho & Iki girl The Cats of Shady Acres
Phoebe Phoebe's World
Pricilla & Rosa* PetsRCool
El Tigre, Micif, Miroz, Voriglif I miei A-MICI
Sparky Stacey's International Cat Names
Biffy Biffy's Page
Sunshine, Snowflake, P.C., Bear, Sebastian, Twinkie,
    Mrs. Beasley, Garibaldi, Muffin & Lalah*
Faith Faith's Story
Fafrhd Fafrhds Home page
Missy, Bart, Tansy & Tiffany Sheryl's Titanic HomePage
Simba & Tracey* Silver Simba's Den
Flip Honan & Flop Honan Jane's Cat Page
Dobbin, Midnight, Shibui, & Bogey Scrappy's Nest
Theo Theo and Cats
Jenn* l_kitty_kat_I's Home Page
Butchie Butch's Pad
Siam & Baby Bird Meow City
Muffin, Bubba, Mittens, Juniper, Kristen* Katt's Cat Corner
Tickle III & Humbug* Tickle III & Humbug
Pywacket Pywacket Speaks
Peaches D. Cat The Temple of Mau
Mr Holmes, Bonsaï, Alifax, Thémis, Studio 3
    Amock & Loukhoum
Gandalf & MaryMary The Cats Pajamas
Toby & Pat* Toby's Page
Enia The Realm of the Changeling
Jacaranda Jacaranda
Kaeyla Welcome to Faeryland
Victor, Pogo & Frankie Victor's "PURR"ty Palace
Lucky Lucky's Home Page
Camille, Simone, Mr.BoJangles & Lynnda* Sharif's Sundown
Maxi, Fred, Sam, Sandi, Tony, Tasha Cats Rule
    & Ken*, Gerry* and Dorothy*
Chops Paula's World Ruled by Chops
Angela* Momma Kitty's Place
Joaquín, Ian, Vincent, Tolouse, Uma Irene Gonzalez
    Dalilah & Irene*
Zippy, Pepper & Precious Billy and Mary's Back 40
Solitaire, TiAmo & Nitesky* My Cats That I Love
Max, Jessie, Kitten and Zeus Cats In Company
Zak, Blake, Jezebel & Denzel Ms.Crane's Love of Cats
Salty, Nicki, Beasley, Shoogie, Petey, Rusty Kat Habikat
    Patches, Callie, Sebastian, Oreo, Nermie,
    Cleo, Tabby, Molly, Cheesey, Ringo, Spunky,
    Squeakers, Garfy, Fritz, Gizzy, Bootsie,
    Jasper, KitKat, Calvin, Charlie, Lucky, Siamy
    Tigger, Maggie Mae, T.C., Cottonhead & Boo-Boo
Spelunker, Rumpole, Andrea, Lizzie CatEcumen, the Ecumenical Cat
    Zoe, Nik & CatEcumen*
Gabrielle and Isaiah Loungin' 'Round the House
TW Synature Software, etc.
Hope aka Babycat Jo Hope's Mom's Page
Tigger Tigger's Cat Tales
Murphy Murphy's Place
Nutmeg & Zooti Cats: Nutmeg & Zooti
Zuzia Zuzia's Furpage
Vader, Chewie, Mara, Theo, Akasa, Lief No Fossils Of The Apostles
    Ruhka*, Kowie* and Ben*
Nefer, Imhotep, Seti, Ramesses, Hatshepsut & K.P. Kaligari* Literary Epiphanies For Wacky Iconoclasts
Dylan, Blue, Jet, FuzzButt & Barbara* Just Cats
Cosmo Cosmo Kitty's Perfect Page
Velvet Velvet's Couch
Luke & Levi Luke & Levi's Page
Kysha & Jasper Kysha and Jasper's Scratching Post
Nikki & Nichie The Adventures of Nikki and Nichie
Pyewacket & Suzanne* Pyewacket's Hangout
Cleo, Stormy, BabyKat, Shadow, Fluffy & Conny* Ragdollvr's Home Page
BooBoo, CC, Bubba and Skuzzy Cats In the House
Buttons, Leo, Smokey & SueCat* Sue Cat's Palace
BabyCat and Marlene* Marlene's Cats and Cards
Mancito Denise Animal Page
Leroy, Grey, Snicker doodle & AprilMayJune* April Loves You
Emmy, Jazz, Tom & Belle Ladyrott's Weekend Home
May Wong* May Wong
Oliver and Vegas Oliver's Place
Gwendolyn Kitty Kingdom
Candy & Brandy Carroll's Cats
Bhoedy, Turandot & Ripley Pussywillow's Pussyfoot Bar & Grill
Phillipa Phillipa's Page
Sheba, Ringtail, and Blessed The Reeve Cats'Home Page>
Paulette* Paulette
Harley, Zinzan, Gizmo, Steve* & Denise* Denise & Steve's Homepage
Peter Peter the Cat
Sherrie* Sherry
Linagh aka TiGGeR* & Charlie & Sparky Pussalini Charlie's Purr-Pages
Alisa*, BooBoo, Mickey, Cats, Cats & Cats!
    Kirby, Frankie, Albert & Trinket
CJ, Heidi, Elliot & Shadow Eric and Paula's Home
Andrew, Tink-Leo, Chloe, Tater Ann, Colby & Katherine* Kat's Cats!
Bear, Sabrina, Beau, Mitzi* & Judy* Judy's Purrs 'N' Furs
Theo, Chloe, Tori and Muffin Huber's Happy Home
Michelle* & Sassy Sassy's Place
Bigfoot Bigfoot's Second home on the Web!
Moustache, Autumn, Lori* & Joshua* Mew-Mew Milieu
Daemon, Hobbes, Pyewacket & BlackBeary Kaitlin's Familiars
Stacey* & The Rat Pack (R.I.P.)* Heart for Animals
Frankie and Amy* Amy's Journey
Whisper, Purr-Purr & Perwhisper* Perwhisper
Brother Oswin, Brother Jerome & Brother Petrus The Brothers' Page!
Cooper & Bleu Cooper's Catnip Corner
Elise* Elise's World
Dusty Dusty's Place in Cyberspace
Beauregard Beauregard's Tuxedo Tails
Misty, Dusty & Annette* Annette Adler
Chu-Chu, Tiger, Tabby & Cari* Cari Faust
Tiger and Sasu Marika
Sir Wally Sir Wally of Peke Avenue
Linda* Linda Niebuhr
Shelby,Bailey, Terry* & Jeff* Catsonalaties
Whiskers Christina
Maggie & Tiger Maggie: Home Page of a Cat
Mimi Two Tuxedo Cats
Runtell Unit Alpha Runtell's Homepage
Crystal* & Jiyna Crystal's Cats
Trudy Trudy's World
Natasha Natasha's Place
Geordie Geordie's World
Chip, Rosie, Sabrina & Debbie* Deborah's Cats
Sweeney & Dolly Welcome to Our Page
Penelope Louisa & Tim* The Core
Monty The Cat Family
Molly, Madison, Greta & Max Turkish Van Cats!
T. Tucker and Snickerdoodles The Dunnica Furballs
Herbie & Salem Herbie and Salem's Photo Page
Big City Kitty Big City Kitty's Page
Tunny La cajita de la Tuny!
Sammy Sammy's Scratching Post
Charlie Brown, Tigger, Missy & Charlie Redford Pawprints and Purrs
Levi, Dusty & Flo* Flo's Cat Page
Shirley*, Studley, Doodle, Morgan & Cowboy Call Me Shirley
Shadow, Missy & Harley Catt's Porch
B.J. , Frankie and Boogie The Pet Vine
Paulie, Ruth* & Shadow* Paulie the Bengal Cat
Tabby & Buttons Scarlett's Cats
Apple Pie, Autumn Flower, Sneaky Pie & Puntomaus Puntomaus' Homepage
Smokey & Barb* Smokey's Web World
Teika, Dharma, Pongo, Amy & Mulan Ruth
Buckwheat Target Joy's Feline Page
Kay*, Lucy and Ethel Kay's Cats
Lofty & Jo* Jo's Web
Rasmus, Roope, King, Prince & Leena* Rasmus, Roope, King & Prince
Timmy & Patricia* Home of the Felines
Priscilla,Raven,Simba,Casper,Ben & Jerry Cats and More
Suki, Mikey & Mirabai* Mirabai's Home Page
Bridget, Conor & Kathy* Irish Siamese
Ginger Love For Animals
Dream, Love, Emee, Kodie & Heaven Inxs Illusions
Milky Milky
Madam Troublinski The Mystic Cat
Shadeaux Shadeaux's Hideybox
Minnie Miss Minnie Minerva's Purrrsonal Pages
Tigra Tigra
GraceCat GraceCat's Felinity
Magda & Caco Magda's Homepage
Buttons, Pouncer, Belinda & Aussiecat* The Bayside Pringles
Mz. Kitty*, Midnight, Salem & Smokey Mz Kitty's Page
MGD, Spyder & Kathi* Salamagundi
Hannibal, Platon, Shulamith, Callisto,
    Elvira Maddigan, Van Crissi, Dos Equis
Darlingtonia´s Tyrkisk Van
Silly Gramoo Web Kitties
Cleo & Cindy Cleo's World
Missycat & Bonnie* Missycat's Principles of the Universe
Monika* & her Cats Dreamhunters Homepage
Cathy & Laura* Laura & Cathy's Cats! Cats! Cats!
Sir Jasper, Princess Kiki, Tom Tom & Fluffy LaMala's Critter Haven
Otis, Lady Blue, Annie, Sissy G, MGD & Spyder Lone Star Felines
Gus aka Augustine's Soul Sharon Choate
Poekie and Spirit Wide Open Windows
Xera* Unbounded
Ditzy Lebowitz Ditzy Lebowitz - Sumo Kitty!
Milo Lebowitz Milo Lebowitz - Man of the House!
Otie Lebowitz Otie Lebowitz - Sweet Kitty!
Alison Lebowitz Alison Lebowitz - Sweet Tabbie!
Ruth Lebowitz* Ruth Lebowitz - Calicocatgirl!
Sparkle & Laurin* Adopted Kitten
Duchess Tabitha Twitchit Duchess Tabitha Twitchit's Fantastical Web Palace
Galileo, Smokey, Osiris, Isis & Ronda* Feline Universe
Sylvie Sylvie
Yowser the Mouser Yowser the Mouser's Alley Cat Talk Page
Zelda Petit Amour
Dr Pepper Dr Pepper the Cat
Biddy & Barbara* Biddy & Barbara
Sunshine & Fuzz Sunshine's Site
Sherry*, Boo & Fuzz Stray Cat Strut
Max & Mitts Max & Mitts
RC, Brya, BeBeastkitty, Willow, Yak Attack & Sluggo Mrraoworks
Midnight H Midnight's Page
Juliet and Holli* The Original Alex Melcher Website
Bonkers & Katrina* The World According to a Cat
Max & Mitts Max & Mitts
Luv and Salem Luv and Salem's House
Lateef & Lateefa Munchkins 01
Patrick and Gigi Welcome to Our Website!
Ruby & Kristen* My Cat Home Page
Lauren* Kitty Kat Korner
Norma*, Rumpleteazer & Mistophies Norma
Sarah Angel Pets
Bailey, Avery & Holly* Bailey and Avery
Torsten, Teetles, Ticky, Ernst, Shyloh, Pepper & Lisa* My World of Cats
Smokey & Zoe Smokey
Charlie Charlie's Corner
Buffy, Spike & Jodie* Cat Lovers Page
Salem & Stephanie* Stephanie
Fluffy, Smokey & Gilbert* Cats Zone
Orion Orion Maxwell
Pasion Ice Pasion Ice
Lapy and Julie Cookies* Julie Cookie's Web Page
Donna Maldero* Donna Maldero
Christina* in memory of Murphy Critter Lover of the World
Ozzy, Baby & Sue* Kashmir
Erana*, Moe & Bug The Moebug
Sokrates & Calypso H. E. (Ernie) Schreiber
Patches Lady & Mittens Pollypaws The Calico Cat Girls
Matty Matty the Cat
Micah & Myah My Tabbies
JuJu Cats Kittys Gatos
Lacey, Mac, Honey & Scooter* Pet Gallery
Velvet, Ashes & Kendra*
Sweet and Smart
See Fledermaus & Eve* The Cat Gallery
Sam, Sasha, Smokey & Socksy My Persian Cats
Winston Winston's World
Red, Scruffy & Brennalin* Brennalin's Kitty Pages
Lea* Lea'
Tituba Nelson Tituba's Page
Yuffie Valentine Jellicle Masquerading
Bluetique* Bluetique's World
Kisa, Maya Purr & StarCat* StarCat
Neppie* & Pixelpuff Pixelpuff's Kitty Palace
Charly* Charly's Place in Cyberspace
Love~Petals Love~Petals Cat Corner
John*,Sheba,Caesar,Muffie* & Ace New Hope Ministries
Julie *Cookies* & Lapy Julie's Star
Lilly & Sonia* Lilly's Pad
Shanti Silverpaws Skydancer
Suzanne*, Skunky & family Suzanne
Lexi and Tonie Inspired by Tonie
Aurélie*, Jack and Léo jackleo
Tiffany* About a Girl
Gusto All About Gusto The Cat
Chiana Chiana's Home Page
Kikie Kikie
Barbara My Cat Tuff Stuff's Page
Wytekitty, Kittie & Sweetie Rita's Babies
Princess Ebony and Buddy Bear The Wizard's World of Cats
OmaKitty OmaKitty's Place
Baby & Des* Baby's Site
Jazzy, Blue & Moggy Purr and Meow
BooBoo Sue Denney
Bart, Sheba & Susan* Susan
DJ, Charlie, Q, Macs, Sparkle and Roy* & Farrah* Spotlight on Songwriters for Saving Our Strays
Angel & Reeni Moonshadow Gates
Pearlie & Summer* Pearlie the Psychic Kitty
Oscar* and Lorenz* Oscar and Lorenz Zelaya
Esra* Felinerina
Ralph Syracuse, Norton, Molly Meu, Princess Raven, Tina Peepers, Sandra
Nicholas McHenry, Riley, Hayley & Sandra*
Boo, Spike, Lucy*, Henry* & Sharon* Watermark: A Poet's Notebook
Caron*, Fancy, Peanut, Tiny, and Anna Belle Caron
Emily* and Pepper Emily & Pepper's Page
Bitsy Enchanted Dragonfly Fashions
Windy Windy's Fan Club
Twist, Myste, Bumpurr, Mr Buttons*, Ms Bridget* & ML* King Twist & Princess Myste
Pjusken & Birthe* Pjusken's Place
Caleb Caleb
Tigger, Taylor, Bob and Pippin Tigger Tales
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