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On the outskirts of the little town of Walton on the northwest edge of New York State's Catskill Mountains is a serene refuge for hundreds of cats, kittens and a few dogs and farm animals. I won't call these animals homeless because, though most are adoptable, those that aren't adopted have a warm and safe home for life here! But hopefully many of them will find families of their own some day. They're certainly hard to resist... walking through the spacious rooms and fenced in exercise yard, my husband John and I were rubbed against, gently pawed at and meowed to by dozens and dozens of beautiful cats. If we didn't live in such a small apartment we'd have brought a carful home to keep our Monday company! It was sooooo tempting! If you're looking for a furbaby to adopt, or just want to lose yourself in a sea of hypnotic purring for while, visiting hours are 12:30-4:00pm daily; you can call 1-607-865-5759 for directions. The people who were caring for the animals while we were there kind enough to let us go crazy with our cameras. That's me on the left with one of the hundreds of happy, healthy cats who live here.

Photos of Cats at Peace Plantation Animal Shelter

The caretakers of Peace Plantation believe that no animal should spend its life in a cage. The dogs are housed in heated indoor kennels with outside runs and have access to a large exercise yard. The cats live in heated colonies, most having access to enclosed outdoor areas. This is just one of their comfortable and spacious "living rooms." Notice the superclean floor and ample perching space. Those cute wall murals were done by a local artist. Peace Plantation currently houses over 200 cats!

Pictures of cats at Peace Plantation Animal Sactuary

Here's hubby John soon to be surrounded by a crowd of purring cats! I had to put down the still camera to catch most of it on video, but believe me, many of these cats are so friendly they'll follow you around until you bend down to pet them and maybe engage in a little feline conversation. Of course cats, like people, have different personalities and more introverted ones are given plenty of safe places to perch comfortably out of reach when they're feeling shy. But a few of these quiet ones ventured down to say hello on our second visit; maybe that first day they were just checking us out from a safe distance :-)

pictures of cats at Peace Plantation Animal Sanctuary for the love of cats photos of cats at Peace Plantation Animal Rescue

Pictures of cats at Peace Plantation animal sanctuary Photographs of cats at Peace Plantation animal rescue

beautiful cat pictures for the love of cats cat photographs

Pictures of cats at Peace Plantation Animal Sanctuary Peace Plantation is a nonprofit animal welfare organization with a central mission "to provide lifelong sanctuary and adoption services to homeless animals..." It relies solely on charitable contributions to achieve its mission and does not receive any financial assistance from local, state or federal governments. Although separately incorporated, Peace Plantation operates under the auspices of the National Humane Education Society, from which it receives needed resources to carry out its program services.

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