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Paul McCartney Photo Gallery

Paul McCartney was "the cute Beatle" and I don't think this was just because he was, and still is, gorgeous to look at :-) Though he wrote and performed his share of hard rockers, we female fans always seemed to focus on those sweetly sung love songs. I think Paul came across as the most friendly and accessible to to the fans and the press, perhaps partly because he was more comfortable in the public eye than John, George and Ringo were. Remember it was Paul who came up with the idea for those constantly running cameras during the Let it Be sessions. He even married a photographer :-) I was never lucky enough to meet Paul in person but I've heard many wonderful stories from those who did. From all reports, he's a real sweetie.

I'll always have a soft spot for that cute Beatle whose photos adorned my bedroom walls in the '60s (much to my boyfriends' chagrin, heh) but I think I admire the mature Macca even more: his commitment to animal rights causes, his devotion to his family (including the furry members!) and his willingness to break new creative ground... what's not to love? :-) Here are some of my favorite Paul pictures and a few vital statistics from a 1964 Beatle card. Check out the "favorites"... I'm sure roast beef isn't vegetarian Paul's fave food anymore! I wonder if he still fancies Sophia Loren?
Macca smiling picture Paul McCartney vital statistics 1964

Paul Rocks out Sexy Paul McCartney portrait
Paul rocks out, then does the sexy moody guy thing for the White Album portrait

Paul McCartney finds something to grin about during the Let It Be session A pensive Macca in 1965
Two more of Macca's many moods... and looks

Young Paul McCartney at the piano Paul McCartney on stage in 1990
The pic on the left was taken in the mid-60s and the one on the right is from a 1990 concert.
Once a cutie, always a cutie :-)

Paul McCartney with bass guitar Paul McCartney Back in the U.S. tour

... and in the 21st century, he's still gorgeous and still rockin

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