Night of A Thousand Stevies 2005

New York's annual tribute to Stevie Nicks

Picture Page 2 - Performers

Gypsy Wild

Billy O


Chi Chi Valenti

All photos on this page by John & Catresea Ann Canivan. You can view pictures of last year's NOTS here. Some of the best shots of 2004 were not taken by us, but contributed by Kathy from the Stevie Nicks Chain mailing list and NOTS performers Amber Garbo, Teri aka Gypsy Wild and Billy O. Many thanks to all! To learn more about this amazing night, check out MotherNYC and if you'd like to talk with fellow NOTS denizens or read about past events, visit the Enchanted Gypsies Forum on The Motherboards

Visit my tribute to Stevie Nicks, her muses and her fans. Whole lotta photos, whole lotta links :-)
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