Night of A Thousand Stevies 2005

New York's annual tribute to Stevie Nicks

Welcome to my salute to NOTS 15 held at the Knitting Factory in lower Manhattan on May 6, 2005. Left, hubby John and me (CatAnna) on our way to the show. We got there early... 9:30?... met up with Stevie Nicks Chain mailing list buddies Brian, Mariel & her friend Matt and hung out in the main room chatting and singing and dancing along with Stevie songs with the Red Rocks video on a big screen. By 10:30 the place was packed, the performances started and it was pretty much non-stop Stevieness til 4am or so. The 2 stages overflowed with talent; to say who was "the best" is impossible but Teri aka Gypsy Wild's "I Can't Wait" totally blew me away, Billy O brought happy tears to my eyes in the piano lounge (again!) and Brooke's debut performance in the first set was beautiful. Unfortunately we had to leave before 2am so we missed a lot including Debbie Harry who I heard danced around the stage with Chi Chi and Russell Crow (the bird, not the actor ;-) on her head in the 3rd set :-) If anyone has any photos - of the performers, yourself, your friends or just the crowd in general, email me. I'd looooove to see them!

blame it on my wild heart

below: Brian, Matt, Mariel & me by the front door. Sheesh, open yer eyes, Cat!

I bought much of my costume online. Check out the Stevie Nicks Style page for more ideas & links to online stores.

Mariel & Matt during the first set

Matt, Mariel, me & a whole lotta Stevie fans

John downstairs in the piano bar before the second set

view of the main stage from the balcony

Performance Photos Here!

All photos on this page by John & Catresea Ann Canivan. You can view pictures of last year's NOTS here. Some of the best shots of 2004 were not taken by us, but contributed by Kathy from the Stevie Nicks Chain mailing list and NOTS performers Amber Garbo, Teri aka Gypsy Wild and Billy O. Many thanks to all! To learn more about this amazing night, check out MotherNYC and if you'd like to talk with fellow NOTS denizens or read about past events, visit the Enchanted Gypsies Forum on The Motherboards And if you're planning on going to NOTS 16 on May 19, 2006 and are in search of Steviewear, check out my Stevie Nicks Style page for some of the best places to buy dresses, skirts, tops, shawls, boots and wigs at reasonable prices.

Visit my tribute to Stevie Nicks, her muses and her fans. Whole lotta photos, whole lotta links :-)
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