Monday the plumber cat

Memories of Monday

This is an old picture, taken back in 1990, but it's still one of my favorites. Monday used to love to check our sinks for drips and pouted when she didn't find any.

cats are fascinated by running water

Though Monday hated standing water and wouldn't tolerate being bathed with anything but her own tongue, she was always fascinated with running water...

our cat loved to drink from her own water fountain

... so we bought her a fountain of her own. She loved it!

cats love television

Cats can get comfortable in the strangest places!

Joyous Yule from the 3 Canivan

Monday was such a strong presence in our household that my husband John and I sometimes felt we were shapeshifting into felines ourselves! Actually, this is our Yule card from 2000, inspired by costumes we made the previous Hallowe'en which were inspired by CATS, the musical (which was Monday's favorite show, of course!).

all photos copyright 1989-2006 Catresea Ann Canivan

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