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I'm a Beatles Fan button My Beatles Memorabilia (not for sale ;-) I Love The Beatles button

Beatles USA Ltd Fan Club BookBeatles USA Ltd Fan Club Book
Beatles Fan Club picture books, 1964 and 1966

Seasons Greetings from The Beatles 1966The Beatle bulletin flexidisk 1966
Seasons Greetings from The Beatles, circa 1966. This is a cardboard record, about the size of a 45 but it plays at 33 1/3, like an LP. The Beatles US Fan Club sent its members one every year from 1964 through 1969. The lucky Brits got one in 1963 too.

Paul McCartney Beatle card John Lennon Beatle card George Harrison Beatle card Ringo Starr Beatle card
These are from the first run of Beatle cards available in the U.S. in 1964

The Beatles on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post Life Magazine with The Beatles on the cover 1964

The Beatles were one of the hottest news stories of 1964.
This Saturday Evening Post is dated March 21 and Life hit the stands on Aug 28.

John Lennon In His Own Write John Lennon A Spaniard In the Works
John Lennon's first two books. I bought "In His Own Write" in 1964 and "A Spaniard In the Works" in 1965. They've both been reissued and are available in many bookstores now, including
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