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Society of
Meditative Cats
If you're a cat or a cat loving purrson, you can join my club, The Society of Meditative Cats,...

... and these cool cat clubs too

The Back Fence Cat Club (BFCC) is probably the first online cat club we ever joined and it's still going strong.
Back Fence Cat Club Queen Monday: Miss BFCC 1997
Thanks to everycat who voted Monday
the title of Miss BFCC 1997!

CAD (Cats Againsts D*gs) was founded by the late great tomcat Henry of the BFCC.
Both male and female cats can join ~ the female division is headed by Henry's sister Freya.

Our current feline residents Harmony & Pouncival & our angelcat Monday are also proud members of Catster

... and Petster...

The Literary Cat Guild
The Literary Cat Guild
Has the honour of awarding: Monday Canivan
The Prestigious Award of: Full Membership into its Guild.
For proving themselves worthy, by presenting the world with examples of
their Literary Prowess and Artistic Merit unto the world for all to witness.
May they forever hold true to the words they have set.
On this the 25th Day of December In the year of our creator 1999

Clan of the Cave Cat

I'm a fan of Cats the musical

Mighty Meow Club

I'm a Cat Lover! Action Cat's Black and
White Cat Club


C.L.A.W is no more, but I'm leaving these graphics up as a tribute to the late, great Queen Midnight, its feline founder.
Our own dearly departed Monday (pictured on the left) was very proud to be a member of C.L.A.W.
CLAW crown C.L.A.W. - We purr and serve!


Sugar Magnolia cyberCLAW award cyberCLAW crown

Pussyfoot's Bar & Grill

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