June Lockhart & International Hearing Dogs

Note that she included our cat Monday in her autograph :-)

She was nice enough to pose with me for this picture

In March my husband John and I went to a science fiction convention. Being Star Trek fans, our goal in going was to hear Patrick Stewart speak (we did and he was wonderful) But we also had the good fortune of meeting June Lockhart of Lost In Space and Lassie. She's a lovely person and the honorary chairperson for International Hearing Dogs, a wonderful organization whose mission is to train dogs to assist persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. These dogs are to the deaf what seeing eye dogs are to the blind. All the dogs selected for this special training come from local animal shelters. Each dog receives a thorough medical exam & is spayed or neutered to ensure a long and healthy life. You can find out more about this excellent program at the IHDI website

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