John Lennon in New York City

John Lennon loved New York and no one captured Lennon in Manhattan on film like his good friend Bob Gruen who also happens to be one of the best rock photographers in the world. I LOVE Bob's new book John Lennon: The New York Years and would like to share a few of my favorite pictures with you. The book features over 150 photos, many never published before, covering John's life from 1972 to his death in 1980 along with Mr. Gruen's reflections on the circumstances surrounding the photos, including John's relationship with Yoko, how he dealt with fame, and his experiences with fatherhood. All these photos Copyright Bob Gruen of course; please nobody sue me, I'm just a fan :-)

John Lennon New York City shirt John Lennon loved New York

Left: Possibly the most famous photo of John Lennon and one of my all-time favorites. Yoko sent a letter to the New York Times in which she wrote, "Please don't blame New York for John's death - what happened could have happened anywhere." Bob agreed and that's why he chose this picture for John's memorial in Central Park on December 14, 1980.
Right: Relaxing after the last in a series of negotiating sessions with ex-manager Allen Klein's lawyers at the Plaza Hotel in January 1977.

Mick Jagger John Lennon Yoko Ono
Fooling around with Mick Jagger at the Record Plant recording studio in the early 1970s.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono in New York City
John and Yoko in Central Park taking a break from apartment hunting in 1973. They would eventually buy several flats in the Dakota building across the street.

John Lennon Yoko Ono boat
John and Yoko explore property in Greenwich Connecticut before deciding to buy a house in Cold Spring Harbour on Long Island instead.

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