Italian Charm Bracelets & Pandora Beads

Italian Charm Bracelets originated in... you guessed it... Italy :-) and the best Italian charms, featuring soldered enamel and/or 18K gold faces... are still made there. These clever bracelets are modular and can be assembled, then taken apart and rebuilt a different way, adding and subtracting charms. You start with a stretchable stainless steel base bracelet then slowly... or quickly if you're impatient :-) ... replace each link with a decorated Italian charm. There are hundreds of charms to choose from including individual letter and word charms, birthstone and crystal charms plus charms featuring symbols and pictures illustrating love and friendship, religious and spiritual beliefs, Western and Chinese signs of the zodiac, birds, animals...cats, dogs, tigers, wolves... mythical creatures... dragons, unicorns.... holidays, sports teams, jobs, hobbies, music & the arts, cars, Disney & other cartoon characters including Garfield & Sponge Bob, emoticons, (you name it!) and there are new charms being created all the time.

sterling silver trollbeads Pandora beads, like Trollbeads, consist of sterling silver bracelets & necklaces onto which you screw solid silver and solid 14K gold "beaded charms". Clips in the middle of the bracelet or necklace keep the charms nicely spaced for a sophisticated and balanced look. You can add and change beads easily by yourself. While Italian Charm bracelets lay flat against the wrist, Pandora beads have a more 3-dimensional look. There are round beads, square beads, heart-shaped beads, tubular beads and some that look like tiny sculptures of animals, flowers, mythic symbols, signs of the zodiac, and all kinds of objects both fun and meaningful. You can also choose among polished sterling silver, oxidized silver, beads that combine both looks, silver and 14K gold combo beads and beads in 14K gold alone. Bracelets and necklaces come in polished or oxidized sterling silver from 6" to 19". Buy one of each and switch the beads between them; they're supereasy to change :-)

Some of my favorite Pandora beads enlarged to show detail:

sun moon and stars charm pandora zodiac beads sterling silver frog bead sterling silver bead with hearts 14K gold snake bead charm sterling silver mushroom bead sterling silver celtic beads chinese symbols trollbeads celtic swirls sterling silver bead sterling silver rose bead

JJ Kent's Italian Charm Bracelets, Slider Bracelets & Pandora Beads
They have thousands of Italian charms in stock & will also make custom charms from your designs. They also carry build-your-own slider bracelets. And JJ Kent is so proud of their Pandora beads line that they guarantee "... that total strangers will compliment you on your Pandora beaded charm bracelet - or your money back!"
Click here to begin building your Italian charm bracelet or Pandora bracelet – the web site is fun and their “drag-and-drop” interface allows you to really see what your bracelet will look like before you order.sterling silver pandora beads

Heavenly Treasures
They specialize in Zoppini/Firenze Italian charms and charm bracelets and are currently offering a free Zoppini starter bracelet with purchase of any charm.

Italian Florentine Mall
This modern day Renaissance shop based in Florence, Italy sells many uniquely beautiful arts & artifacts including charms & bracelets by Zoppini

My collection started with cats, lady moon, my zodiac sign
& charms inspired by Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac ...

two cats charm cat charms by BZ 18K gold crescent moon charms 18K gold Aquarius zodiac charms by ReFlorence Zoppini Stevie Nicks winged wild heart charms Fleetwood Mac Penguin charm bracelet

... then added some meditation charms ...
18K gold Buddha meditation charm 18K Yin Yang charm by Zoppini charm bracelet 18K gold & enamel psychic all seeing eye pyramid charms

... Peace, Love and Music!...
dove of peace Italian charm bracelet 18K gold enamel peace sign charm by Zoppini 18K gold red heart charm by Zoppini music charm by Zoppini I Love Dancer charms

... this sun and shooting star will keep my moon company.
18K gold puffy sun charm 18K gold shooting star charms

A nod to my Irish heritage & my newest favorite, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland
18K gold seashell charms 18K gold Cheshire Cat charm from Disney Alice in Wonderland

My wish list...
Garfield charm 18K gold seashell charms 18K gold paw print charm bracelets 18K gold Easter Egg charm bracelets 18K gold & enamel mythical winged dragon charms

and then there are these adorable Hello Kitty charms...
Hello Kitty Little Devil Charm Hello Kitty Charm Hello Kitty Swimmer Charm Hello Kitty Dangle Charm Hello Kitty Princess Charm Hello Kitty Hula Girl Charm

You can also get custom charms made from your own photos! I'll probably end up with a separate bracelet with pictures of my feline family past and present. And so the wish list keeps growing:-)

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