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The Third Grizabella Gallery

Jodie Langel as Grizabella in Washington, DC

Jodie Langel as Grizabella on stage Jodie Langel as Grizabella in CATS Jodie Langel as Grizabella in CATS

Elaine Paige as Grizabella in London Liz Callaway as Grizabella in Cats

Grizabella from a Japanese production Betty Buckley as Grizabella on Broadway

Grizabella from German production of Cats Delia Hannah as Grizabella in Australian production of Cats

Elaine Paige as Grizabella in CATS Pouncival & Grizabella in CATS

Grizabella ascends to the Heaviside Layer

Who's Who?
1...Jodie Langel
2...Jodie Langel on stage in Washington, DC
3...Jodie Langel
4...Jodie Langel
5... Elaine Paige
6...Liz Callaway
7...Nicole Sieger who's played Griz in Hamburg & Stuttgart
8...Delia Hannah - 1994 Australian production
9...a Japanese Grizabella
10...Betty Buckley on Broadway
11...Elaine Paige
12...Pouncival & Grizabella backstage in a Mexican production
11...Delia Hannah ascends to the Heaviside Layer

Grizabella Facts & Fancies ~ fan art, what the name Grizabella means and actresses who have played her

Costume Page ~ this fan's interpretation of Griz plus some great photos of fan made CATS costumes from all over the web

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Some photos scanned from CATS: The Book of the Musical and The Musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber
Some come from various sites around the web.
Special thanks to Jodie Langel for sharing her personal photos.
You can visit the website of this talented actress & singer by clicking on her name. It's excellent!
Thanks also to Julia for her help in identifying some of the German Grizabellas.
Javert's Musical Website, By the Light of the Jellicle Moon
LilMisto's Cat Tales & Rumpleteazer's Hideout Check out the credits page for more online sources.
Cats the musical & cast photos The Really Useful Group Ltd.
Musical score by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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