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Cats under the Jellicle Moon

The CATS Garage Sale Experience, part 2

Grizabella's shoe from the CATS on Broadway garage sale

Here's half of my favorite memento from the sale... one of Grizabella's shoes. They were selling everybody's old, worn out shoes and I grabbed these really fast. The initials "LB" are inside. I'm guessing they were Linda Balgord's as Laurie Beechman was so tiny I would imagine she had very small feet and I can almost fit my big size 8's into these. The photo shows the best side of the best shoe.Some of the fur is worn off on the other side of this toe and the other shoe is missing all the fur on the toe. Do I care? Nooooo :-) I also bought a pair of Grizzy legwarmers. They're metallic gray, silver and gold and they're in pretty good shape. I'm going to wear them as part of the Grizabella costume I'm making for Halloween. So if you visit my costuming page in a couple of weeks, you'll probably see them. I guess you figured out by now that Griz is my favorite Jellicle :-)

Herman Sebek the original Broadway Pouncival He also played Mistoffelees

Here's Herman Sebek, the original Broadway Pouncival. He also played Mistoffelles. He stopped to sign our poster, even though he was on his way out the door. And what a hottie! How does he manage so stay so young looking after 18 years?!

Posting with some Jellicle costumes Posing with the Big Shoe and Skimbleshank's train

The leotards are incredibly thin and light but some of the more complicated costumes... the pirate outfits, for example... are really heavy. An actor's life is not always a comfortable one! And here's that Big Shoe again, with Skimbleshank's disassembled train in the background. Both were sold at auction later in the day. I'm 5'4" ... you can see how big some of these set pieces are compared to an average sized human.

Siamese costumes from the pirate scene in CATS

Here's my husband John with a Siamese costume from the pirate scene. You can see the striped pirate gear on the rack in the background. Everything was so wonderful, it was tempting to just plunk down my Mastercard and say, "Charge it all!"

CATS auction at the Winter Garden theater on Broadway

Getting ready for the auction onstage. Items included complete costumes of Jennyanydots, Old Deuteronomy and Bustopher Jones, a portrait of Laurie Beechman as Grizabella and of course the heavenly tire. Unfortunately we weren't able to stay for the auction. I wonder who bought that tire?

CATS poster of Broadway cast

This poster is actually half of a very large advertising piece. It was signed by Anna McNeely (Jennyanydots), Julius Sermonia & Herman Sebek (Mistoffelees) and Ken Prymus (Old Deuteronomy). As we live in a tiny apartment with limited wall space, it took us a while to find a place for it and we still had to trim it a bit to make it fit this 40" x 50" space... see how we had to give up a little of the C in CATS? :-( Anyroad, thanks to my sweet husband for getting it framed for me.

Visit the CATS booth at the Broadway Flea Market

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