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These little 4K animated icons were designed by my Mom. If you'd like to display one on your website to help promote animal welfare, they're free for the taking. Just right-click on the image you want, select "save" and upload the graphic file(s) to your own server.

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peaceful purrs from CatAnna & her meditative cats :-)

cats animation

animated graphic

cats animation

animated cats

Though I believe that most domesticated cats live healthier longer lives indoors, there are many feral cats who are impossible to tame and therefor not suited to indoor living. Ferals are cats who were either born to stray mothers or animals who have been lost or abandoned and have reverted to a wild state. They often live in family groups called colonies that form near a source of food and shelter. Feral cats can survive almost anywhere and are found worldwide. For more information on helping feral cats, visit Alley Cat Allies. You can also help spread the word about humane treatment of ferals through trap/neuter/release programs by displaying this banner.

..and just for fun... a feline moonwatcher

Cat-and-the-moon animation

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