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CatAnna aka Catresea Ann Canivan

Astrological profile Sun in Aquarius, Neptune rising in Libra, Moon in Taurus, Venus/Mars/Jupiter stellium in Pisces

Offline interests cats, animal welfare,photography, meditation,,dancing, drumming, yoga, jewelry/clothing design, psychology, metaphysics

Musical obsessions Peter Gabriel, The Beatles, Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac, Loreena McKennitt, Layne Redmond, Azam Ali, Greg Ellis, Lisa Gerard, Cat Stevens, Steve Roach Andrew Lloyd Webber

Literary inspiration Neil Gaiman, Lewis Carroll, Dion Fortune

Psychospiritual mentors Shakti Gawain, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Robert Moss

What's on da tube? House, My Name is Earl, Monk, Medium, Ellen, Charmed, Alias, Law & Order CI, CSI, Boston Legal ~ The Classics: ST/TNG, AbFab, Fawlty Towers, Six Feet Under

my husband John the wedding 1/10/88 our first daughter Monday :-)
our wedding Monday Canivan

...if we had lived on the Prairie in 1850...

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Here's what it's like here in New York :-)

banner: The
Meditative Cat

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