A Healthy Environment for Indoor Cats

protect your indoor cats with HEPA air filtration system Did you know that indoor air pollution can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels? This isn't a big deal when the weather is balmy and our windows are open much of the time but when it's too cold, too hot or the pollen count goes up outdoors (my husband John is allergic) we're pretty much stuck with the air in our apartment. When John's allergic reactions didn't go away at the end of the pollen season last year, he went to an allergist for tests and was told he was also allergic to mold spores and the droppings of dust mites (eeewww!) which even the cleanest of houses has in abundance.
John's doctor recommended we buy a HEPA air filtration system since people who don't use them are much most likely to have allergies and catch viruses. I've always been plagued by winter colds and I wondered if indoor pollution had something to do with that. And what about our cats? Just like people, cats are subject to allergies and asthma. and they're always indoors!
Protect your indoor cats with HEPA air filters

Harmony, Pouncival, John and I are all breathing easier now. If you'd like to learn more about air quality, health and HEPA filters click on the cat-in-the-box :-)

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