Cat Meditation

Purrs and thanks to Sue for sending us this lovely meditation.

You close your eyes and find yourself in a large meadow. The grass is a deep green color and a warm, soft breeze caresses your cheek as you look to the distant mountains on the horizon. The sky is a brilliant blue with soft white clouds drifting in the wind.

As you look around you see a path leading out of the meadow into the forest. As your thoughts contemplate following the path, a large cat appears on it and walks up to you. It sits down and stares at you unblinking. You carefully reach down and touch the cat. Itsí soft fur is smooth under your hand, and you start to automatically pet the animal. The cat rubs its head on your hand and wraps itself around your legs purring loudly.

You gently sit down in the grass and continue petting the immense feline. It looks at you with its large eyes and you feel yourself pulled into the twin pools of soft colored light. You surface to find yourself near a small tank of water at the base of a tinkling fountain with your cat companion next to you. As you look around, you realize you are in a courtyard of a temple. The air is now dry and very hot. The grass has been replaced with sand, and the sun beats down on you in a dark blue sky.

At the end of a long stairway, massive yellow stone columns line each side of the aisle that leads to the portal of the temple. There is no one around so you slowly walk up the stairs and go to the doors. The cat trots ahead of you as you open the doors and enter the building.

Inside the temple light pours though a large round opening in the center of the interior, and the air is cooler on your body. The walls are covered with murals, and as you peer at them you realize that each mural has a cat featured in it. Kittens romp over their mother in one. A cat washes itself in another. Each one is different, however each one has a cat as the main character. The colors are vibrant and alive and the cats look as if they could leap out of the picture and walk up to you.

At the far end of the room there is an altar with a stature on each side of it. The statures are slightly larger than you are. The lower body is a human form, however each has the head of a cat. Their arms are crossed and in each hand they hold a rod and a scepter of office.

The cat jumps lightly onto the altar and gives a soft mew. At the sound, the very air starts to come alive and you hear a whisper of the sound of bells in the distance. Suddenly, a stature starts to come alive and moves toward you. As it comes closer, you feel love and peace radiating from it and you are comforted. You hear a voice in your head and you know it is coming from the being that was the stature. It tells you many things that you have wished to know. You now understand the links between incidents that have happened to you in the past, the present, and to the future yet to come. You know there are no accidents in life. Life is but a grand play that leads us back and forth, but always brings us closer to the love and light of your Source.

You finish talking to the being, and it steps back into place and becomes stone again. At the same time the cat once more gives a soft mew and begins to glow and grow smaller. As you watch, it continues to shrink until it is the size of large coin. It turns to metal and as you walk up to the altar, you find it is a small metal pin with jewels for eyes. You take the pin knowing it is a gift for you from the cat being and leave the temple.

Going back to the pool you refresh yourself in the water, and as you sit back and stare into the pool you are drawn into it. Suddenly you find yourself back in the meadow where you began your adventure. As you look at the pin in your hand, you know it is a reminder of the information that you have been told. The knowledge comes to you that if you ever wish to go back to the temple and the pool, you but have to look into the jewel eyes of the pin and you will be taken back there. For now, you are content with the information that you have been given. You send out into the ethers a mental thank you to your friend, the cat, and come slowly back to the present.

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