Heavenly Cat Site Award

Heavenly Cat Site Award

If your homepage has cats as its theme we'd like to invite you to apply for this new award. It can be a tribute to your pets, or something about domestic cats in general. Sites about wild cats... tigers, lions, etc... are eligible to. As long as more than half of your site has to do with Things Feline, you're eligible.

One cool thing about having your own award is being able to give it to anyone you want. Or not. So while we support freedom of speech on the 'net we will NOT give this award to any site that promotes prejudice (racial, religious, sexual, whatever), hatred, cruelty or violence. And we won't give it to sites with pornographic content. And no stolen graphics or bandwith please. We just don't like that stuff and hey, it is our award :0)

Though we're staunch supporters of shelter adoptions and spay/neuter programs (extra points if you are too!) we invite responsible breeders to apply for this award. No sites that promote declawing tho, please.

We're not art critics and enjoy surfing through all kinds of cat sites. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner at HTML or a master of it. If your website is a lovingly crafted tribute to a cat or cats, you'll probably win one of these things. If you think you have a Heavenly Cat Site, E-mail us at with "award" in the subject line.

peaceful purrs,
CatAnna & her meditative cats

Sites With Heart Award
Does your site support animal welfare issues?
Try for this new award too!

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Faithy World
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For The Love of Cats dot com
Furballs and Cat Links Too!

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Hollyhock Persians
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I Love Cats
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SNiPS - Spay/Neuter Incentive Project and Sanctuary
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