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A Hard Day's Night

souvenir from A Hard Day's Night A Hard Days Night was John, Paul, George and Ringo's first movie and it's still my favorite Beatles film. I first saw it in August of 1964 with my cousin Vicki who loved the Fab Four as much as I did. Of course we had to buy our tickets waaaay in advance, to make sure we got in for the premiere... well, the suburban Long Island premiere, anyroad. And one friday night in January, 2001... over 36 (yipes!) years later... my husband John and I sat in another LI movie house watching the theatrical re-release of A Hard Day's Night It's still a quirky, playful, funny and intoxicatingly joyful movie. If you didn't catch it on the big screen... not to worry, it's also out on DVD And for those of us who don't have DVD players yet, it's also out on VHS video :-)

on line to see A Hard Day's Night in 1964

script for A Hard Days Night from Beatles fan club If you were a member of the Beatles Fan Club in 1964, you got one of these scripts in the mail. I'm amazed that mine is still legible as I must have read it a hundred times, turning the pages with hands greasy from potato chips and chocolate bars... while listening to the soundtrack record on an old manual turntable, of course. Or maybe the clock radio was tuned into one of the 3 NY rock radio stations... WABC ("W-A-Beatle-C"), WMCA ("The Good Guys") or WINS (with Murray the K, "The Fifth Beatle"). They all played a lot of Beatle records, a lot of the time. And in the days before MTV, VH1 and Rolling Stone magazine, AM radio was THE place to get your Beatles news fix. Wanna know just how popular The Beatles songs were in 1964? Check out this WABC Top 20 list!

Here's an old picture of me and Vicki proclaiming our devotion to John, Paul, George and Ringo early in the summer of '64. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

John Lennon's signature Paul McCartney's autograph Ringo Starr's signature George Harrison's autograph

Reporter: Can we look foward to any more Beatle movies?
John: Well, there'll be many more but I'm not sure whether you can look foward to them or not.

The Beatles in A Hard Day's Night
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